HabITec Citizen Challenge

Habitec Citizen Challenge

The HabITec Citizen Challenges involve users of technology, researchers, developers and other interested people who want to improve access to technologies that meet individual needs. Challenges focus on pivoting existing technology, developing bespoke solutions or sharing first-hand information about what is needed and what works.

Many of the best solutions have and will continue to come from the ingenuity of people who develop, adapt, and customize designs to fit their specific challenges, needs, and aesthetics” (Access+Ability Design Exhibition, 2017-2018).

Our first Citizen Challenge is happening now and a team of people are co-designing solutions that will improve access to online health and rehabilitation services. The link to the final pitch video will be here soon!

Connect the power of creativity as people from different skill sets and minds come together to create solutions.


Sally Stewart | Project Engagement Officer | 0478709990

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