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Adjust your habits For better brain health!

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When you get older the brain will decline over time. But if we take good care of our body by modifying different behaviours or habits for good health, the brain will have to wilt according to the body.

A 2015 Finnish survey found that older adults who take good care of their health, such as eating healthy food, exercising regularly, and through healthy activities or interactions with others will still think and read fluently, and have a lower risk of memory loss or dementia.

Most people already know how to take care of their health. But the main factor, is choosing to do this in the early stages of life, and continue long term.

If you do not want the end of life to include Alzheimer's, it is important to start modifying your habits to nurture your own health.  Dr. Joel Salinas, a neurologist from The Massachusetts General Hospital said that 'the longer a habitual health care is [maintained]... the more it affects your brain health".

Dr. Joel Salinas recommends that aerobic exercise is the best way to prevent dementia. Because it is exercise that increases blood flow to the brain, Including helping to reduce brain damage from high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Exercise also stimulates the brain to secrete the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) necessary for brain cell repair. It is noted that people who are physically active tend to have high BDNF levels.

If you want to have good brain health it is recommended that you start forming a habit to partake in regular exercise. At least 20 minutes a day or 150 minutes a week. By choosing an activity with moderate physical activity, such as brisk walking.

While nutrition is important (because it is linked to brain degeneration as well), it is important to know which foods are best for the brain. Dr. Salinas recommends a diet that is good for the heart and blood vessels, eating lots of fruits, vegetables and wholegrains, while protein should be protein from fish and legumes, in addition to choosing healthy unsaturated fats like olive oil or canola oil. Also, eating fish with omega-3 fatty acids, strawberries, blueberries, and green vegetables like kale, spinach, or broccoli.

For those who sleep less than 7 hours, it is recommended to adjust sleeping habits. Lack of quality sleep increases the risk of dementia even more, as it is during the period of sleep when the brain works to eliminate the excess protein ameloid – which is the culprit that makes Alzheimer's possible.

While stress triggers the brain to release the hormone cortisol. Long-term exposure to high cortisol levels results in less oxygen supply to the brain and cause brain damage. Long term cortisol levels can develop into dementia.

If you want to get old in good health, try adjusting your habit of taking care of yourself now, it's not too late. Act now, for good brain health in the future.

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Topic starter Posted : 20/05/2021 8:37 am
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Thank you for your contribution to our Ideas Factory.  I agree that taking care of yourself now will prevent brain decline in the future.

Posted : 17/06/2021 3:37 am

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